DIY: All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to gluten free flour mixes. One of my favorite things about the gluten free diet is getting to experiment with all the flavors and textures in the different varieties of flour. A whole new world of baking opens up once you start exclusively baking gluten free. However, all these new options can be overwhelming and expensive while trying to figure out which flours will compliment your recipe. After a lot of trial and error, I have found a flour mix that works really well for a majority of my baking.

DIY All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix |

Rice flours are a nutritious alternative to wheat flour and are naturally gluten-free.  They have fewer calories than wheat, and offer a great source of essential amino acids that you need to balance your diet.  They can also be subbed in for wheat flour on almost a cup for cup basis.

Flour is part protein and part starches. That is why you will not find a gluten free flour mix that only consists of a single flour. You have to mix them to get to the right consistency of protein and starches. The proteins for our flour mix are brown rice and white rice; the starches are sweet rice and tapioca starch. (There are many combinations of protein fours and starch flours to make gluten free flour mixes, you do not have to rely on rice flours alone).

You can find these rice flours already pre-ground in many grocery stores, or you can choose to grind up your own rice flours. It is cost efficient and very easy to do. I use my Nutribullet herb grinder attachment to grind rice into flour.  I purchase white rice and brown rice in bulk, 25-pound bags from Costco, and use them for months for all my baking needs.  By easily grinding the brown & white rice yourself, you can save quite a bit in the long-run.

DIY Flour Cost Savings | GlutenFreeIfYouPlease.comIf you and your family bake as often as we do, then a savings of $8/per 5lbs will add up quickly!  The price information above was gathered from Amazon and our local grocery stores.

DIY All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix |

If you choose to buy your own rice and grind the flower mix yourself, be careful not to overload your Nutribullet or other grinder with too much at one time. Grind about 1 œ cups at a time and pulse for about 30 seconds.  Stir the contents and pulse for another 30 seconds. This process can heat up your Nutribullet, and you do not want to overload the motor by trying to do it all at once! The flour will not be superfine, but it works out pretty well for most recipes. Grinding your own flour is the most cost effective if you are going to do a lot of baking.

Although xanthan gum can be very helpful in some recipes, it is not a staple in my go-to flour mix. I have noticed that not every recipe really needs xanthan , and I only add it in when I absolutely have to.

Enjoy!  Please feel free to give feedback or ask any questions you may have about making your own flour!

{Click on the image below for a printable version}

DIY Gluten Free Flour Mix |

DIY Gluten Free Flour Mix |Gluten Free If You Please

1 cup of all-purpose flour = 140g

Πcup 40g brown rice flour

Πcup 40g white rice flour

Πcup 35g sweet rice flour

Πcup 25g tapioca starch

5 cups of all-purpose flour = 700g

1 Πcup 205g brown rice flour

1 Œ cup  205g white rice flour

1 Πcup 170g sweet rice flour

1 Πcup -120g tapioca flour

10 cups of all-purpose flour = 1400g

2 œ cups  410g brown rice flour

2 œ cups 410g white rice flour

2 œ cups 340 g sweet rice flour

2 œ cups 240 g tapioca flour




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  1. Steven says

    Thanks for this recipe, my sister-in-law needs this.
    On the 5 cup recipe, I think the sweet rice flour should say 170g, not the stated 70g, yes?
    Great Days for you,

    • says

      Hi Steven,
      Im glad this recipe will help you and your sister-in-law!
      Yes, you are correct! Thanks for pointing out the typo in the grams portion. Fixed! :-)

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